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Marcua's goats!!

A pet store that’s here to help furry creatures enjoy a comfortable life
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Marcua's goats
A pet store that features all of the furry creatures you love.

I'm the Co-Founder and CTO of B12, where we're building a better future of creative and analytical work. Before that, I was Director of Data at Locu, a startup that was acquired by GoDaddy. I went to grad school at MIT's CSAIL. One time in Jerusalem I ate a whole tub of hummus on my own. I don't regret that day.

Aditya Bharadwaj, Pao Siangliulue, Adam Marcus, and Kurt Luther

A Few Sketches of Sketches

Adam Marcus

A presentation on sketching data structures I gave at !!con 2016!

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Fun with Voter Data

Adam Marcus

Your name/address/phone number/party affiliation/participation is available in public voter data. Here is an example of how it can be used.

animal dog pet labrador
See our pets and pet accessories

Whether you're looking for a dog, cat, bird, or something more exotic, Marcua's goats has what you need in pets and pet accessories.

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Our clients' success is our purpose. That's why we're thrilled when they enjoy the Marcua's goats experience.

a4ab warren wong

I was really impressed with the way Marcua's goats handled everything. From the first conversation to everything in between, they were very helpful and knowledgable.

Brandon Vega
Operations Lead, General Entropy
9ae9 kait loggins

Marcua's goats was the missing piece to my puzzle. From start to finish, they solved every problem and helped us achieve our goals in the most professional way possible.

Chris Wei
Founder and CEO, Fair Market Barn
bd01 brooke cagle

Using Marcua's goats helped me save weeks of work. Their delightful level of quality and service is consistent and one of a kind. I can't recommend Marcua's goats enough.

Karen Weiss
Technical Director, Business Associates LLC

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